1. David Bisset

    Thanks Sarah! And yep, I might more drastic measures if register spam becomes overwhelming. Even if it’s not BP default. So we shall see.

    I’m hoping that we can move towards making BP a little more anti-spam friendly (either via core or plugins).


  2. Sarah Gooding

    @David Bisset – Spam certainly is one of those things in folks’ top 3 complaints about BuddyPress. I would love to see something built into core but then again spammers might just adapt. :-/


  3. Toby Cryns

    @david – Wonderful news! I have often wished for a vanilla install of BP to demo for my curious peeps.

    @Sarah – Thanks for the info!


  4. David Cavins

    Fighting spam is an arms race, unfortunately, and I can’t imagine how you could work something into core that works for everyone and doesn’t make registration even more onerous.

    We do have some good options as plugins; otherwise we’d all be sunk, frankly. :/


  5. David Bisset

    @davidcavins – Totally agree, and that’s why using plugins (like Gravity Forms) is a great solution. Let them worry about spam controls. Unfort that doesn’t help people using BuddyPress out of the box, but such are the things developers are hired to help sites prepare against.


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