1. Syed Balkhi

    Not sure if I would pay for that plugin…

    Also making admin skins that are drastically different can cause plugin UIs to break. Just my two cents.


  2. Purab Kharat

    Admin UI is really looking nice and quite interesting. I am really quite sure about paying for this plugin because many wordpress webmaster and users want to use the nice admin UI. If client is want to use this UI and likes it then we should go for this plugin for sure. @Syed Balkhi


  3. Jeffro

    @Syed Balkhi – I wouldn’t pay for it either. The experience I get with the enhancements from MP6 suit me just fine. However, if it remains free, I would love to give it a try to see how it works and if the workflow is any better than what WordPress currently has.

    It would be funny in a way to install the admin redesign plugin and see all sorts of plugins break because the UI is changed around. However, if plugins used the same UI elements that are in WordPress already, I’d think it would be a smooth transition.

    As I mentioned at the bottom of the post, I’d love to see more radical redesigns of the WordPress backend. Even if they are not useable, it would be nice to see real world examples of a WordPress backend that was designed from the ground up, not based on the current design.


  4. Josh Pollock

    @Syed Balkhi – I agree with your concern about breaking the UI, but that looks so much better. If the plugin was done right and was basically just SASS/CSS it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.


  5. David Decker

    Definitely a breath of fresh air! I would buy it of course as I am constantly testing new admin approaches for/ within WordPress. There are already a lot of other approaches out there – look at WordPress.org repo or marketplaces like CodeCanyon…

    Stuff is “only” likely to break if plugin and/ or theme developers make their stuff not compliant with the core UI and API. I have no problem if stuff breaks, then we have the chance to tell those devs what’s up and that they should become active in using the core UI & API. That might sound like a bit more work but in the end a win-win for all parties involved.

    Really can’t wait for this plugin mentioned above!!! :-)


  6. Stijn Vogels

    To me this feels like someone had too much of their new iOS settings page. A first glance at those screenshots tell me it is all just very superficial:
    * more whitespace
    * bigger icons
    * gradients everywhere
    About 10% of this screen real-estate is of any real use to the writer. Another admin redesign is not what’s going to make WordPress better. If I take the bigger picture above out of consideration, I can value George’s original take on this as something fresh and not seen before.


  7. Chip Bennett

    It’s pretty, but I don’t see it as any real UI improvement. Also, all the screenshots are of really wide-screen monitors. I wonder how well it would translate to a more-conventional resolution monitor?


  8. Vanessa Blaylock

    Yes to the post and yes to all the thoughtful comments. I’d just like to second your push for us to be thinking about this experience. MP6 doesn’t really change backend functionality, it’s pretty much some cosmetics, yet I just can’t tell you how much “happier” MP6 makes my backend experience. I’m in the backend of a bunch of blogs all day long and MP6 makes me smile. That’s a lot!


  9. Sean

    looks very iOS7 huh?


  10. cbunting99

    I use this theme, there are actually a lot of them around the web but this one also works well on my tablet.. http://codecanyon.net/item/forest-revolution-wordpress-admin-theme/7095485


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