A Field Guide to Major Features in WordPress 4.4

The WordPress 4.4 field guide is available and covers all of the major features in WordPress 4.4. The guide explains what the features are and more specifically, links to posts that explain how they work.

WordPress 4.4: Field Guide

While it doesn’t cover every single change, it gives developers and site maintainers an opportunity to learn and understand the major features before WordPress 4.4’s release.

If you haven’t tested your plugins and themes with WordPress 4.4, now is a great time to do so. In testing WordPress 4.4 betas on WP Tavern, I discovered two broken plugins. I notified the developers and they quickly released an update addressing the issues.

WordPress 4.4 is scheduled for release in December.

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  1. Thanks jeff. This is really needed.
    Responsive images is something new to learn for me.


  2. Thank you so much this really comes in handy!


  3. I just updated to 4.4 and all plugins are working correctly. A lot of security changes have been made though. Thanks Jeff


  4. Upgraded (stupid me) and the back end of several plugins is whacko. No adjustment to the editor is a huge problem.


  5. Upgraded to WP 4.4, now all permalinks stopped working and all custom POST_TYPES & POST_TYPE archives completely stopped working, they did not just add features, they clearly changed the way this gets queried, I just wish the update nag would give us a warning next time


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