1. Dave Bell

    I have not tried this particular feature yet, but generally speaking I am totally in love with sync! I love that it interfaces with Backupbuddy. I HATE having too many ways to backup. (like when I already have backup buddy and some other site management tool has its own backup) Backupbuddy is all I need.

    Thanks, Dave


  2. DerpPress

    Its important to note this feature is only averrable with Sync Pro and not the standard Sync account


  3. DerpPress

    Yeah Pro is considerably more expensive. Not worth it in my opinion considering you can do everything Sync can do with an iPhone app (Vigil for uptime monitoring on the cheap for just a few bucks a year) and a variety of other free plugins


  4. Dave Bell

    I was not yet aware that there was an entire new version. Good to know. I love the version I have for now.


  5. Jerome

    WP Remote (previously covered here) is an excellent (free) alternative for this purpose with less limits and works like a charm.
    On a side-note, please be aware that images appearing in emails we receive when subscribing to this blog are over-sized and you should maybe consider using this great plugin that works great for that purpose: https://wordpress.org/plugins/rss-image-resize/


    • benjaminbradley

      Except WPRemote… even though its free and a solid product… doesn’t do half the things that Sync does. So I would see WPRemote as having greater limits not less limits.


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