50 WordPress People To Follow


Ryan Imel of Themeplayground.com has published a compilation of Who’s who in the WordPress community with 50 people you should be following. Guess what, I and this site made the list. I’d be lying if I said I weren’t flattered with being featured in the list. Truth be told, I’m flattered by anyone who says that something I’ve published whether it be in audio, video, or written form has helped them in some way or at the very least, has entertained them.

Among some of the others who have made the list include the core development team, popular themers, well known plugin authors, and overall community superstars. One thing that Ryan has done in his post is put a face to those behind the blogs, themes, plugins these people have created, something I have not seen in other lists.

Personally, I think I have a goofy looking picture compared to Ptah Dunbar’sDon’t Mess With Me‘ look.



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