1. Nathan Rice

    I have to disagree with your assessment of my prediction. While I was definitely wrong about the specific price points, my overall point has definitely come true. This time last year, everybody and their brother was selling premium themes. But a year later, and the men have been separated from the boys. The creme has risen to the top, as it were.

    There are a few game changing, market leaders (iThemes, StudioPress, WooThemes, Thesis), and there are the underclass (ThemeForest, etc.), selling their themes for significantly less than the market leader. The split DID happen.

    And BTW, a good portion of sales for a premium theme site is the multi-use package, which usually does run $100-$200 per sale.


  2. Jeffro

    @Nathan Rice – Hey Nathan what’s happening. Considering you’re in the business of selling themes, I’m willing to take your word for it. It just seems to me that there are still plenty of sites selling premium theme single site licenses for under 100$. Everyone sells multi site licenses for over 100$ so that’s no surprise to me.

    I can’t believe there are that many people that purchase the multi site license. Not only is it expensive, but are their that many people who need to use the same theme on multiple blogs?


  3. Nathan Rice

    like I said, I was definitely off on the high end price points. iThemes has set a universal price point of $80 single and $150 mulit use. But my point about the upper and lower class separation holds true, mostly.

    Many users like having the option of installing a theme on many sites, or they are developers and want to use the themes for multiple clients.


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