20 Reasons To Attend a WordCamp

Ask twenty people why you should go to a WordCamp and you’ll likely receive 20 different answers. A recent post by Waseem Abbas, of Cloudways, is proof positive. He asked 20 different members of the WordPress community, including yours truly, why you should attend a WordCamp. He’s compiled the answers into a slidehsare document.

Like Heather Baker Steele, I view WordCamps as family reunions with family members I want to socialize with! The WordPress family continues to grow rapidly every year and WordCamps are opportunities to not only strengthen relationships but also to create new ones.

Check out the official WordCamp schedule to see if there’s an event near you. Also check Meetup.com to see if there’s a WordPress meetup close by. WordPress meetups are like WordCamps but on a much smaller scale.

Last but not least, if you’re planning on going to your first WordCamp, read this survival guide by Carrie Dils. The guide contains advice that improves the chance you’ll have a great experience.

What’s your reason for attending a WordCamp?

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