1. Thanks , going to register! I wanted to do something similar to this not so long ago

  2. Thanks for covering this Jeff!

    And please, if anybody has any feedback, especially if you’re an experienced Discourse user, I’d very much appreciate it. I’m brand new to it.

    We’ve already handled a few registrations, new forum posts, and private messages, and nothing has come to a screeching halt yet, but I will be keeping a close eye on the server to make sure everything runs smoothly from here on out.

  3. christicehurst

    Looks very interesting but it hasn’t been released yet and that’s where it will truly be tested to see how it goes against other forum board software

      1. christicehurst

        One of the major issues I have with it is that it won’t work on shared hosting and that it needs 1gb of memory to run the software. Your small to median sized forum owners won’t be able to put it on their shared host servers. It almost feels to me that they did this by purpose to force you to buy heir web hosting packages. I think the software is pretty cool but the requirement to run is inane. Why does a simple looking forum like this require the same amount of memory as a Windows OS.

        1. Well, it is open source, so I highly doubt they’re doing anything “by purpose” to “force” you into buying anything. Anyone is welcome to fork it themselves and try to make a version that’s lighter on requirements. You could even contribute the same back to the project: http://github.com/discourse/discourse

          Anyway, I’m not sure why the requirements are so high myself, maybe it’s all the stuff under the hood, but you can certainly ask them about it: https://meta.discourse.org

        2. I really don’t think they’re trying to force anything, if you look at their buy hosting page they don’t even seem to publicly offer it yet.

          Right now I’m only paying $10/month for a Digital Ocean droplet, with WPChat being the only thing running on it. It’s ran pretty smoothly so far with a number of people already using it for discussions.

          I’m sure I could’ve found a cheaper VPS but I’m already pretty comfortable with DO’s system from another project. They recommend a number of other providers on their FAQ page.

          Sure, Discourse will probably never power 22% of websites on the web. One of the reasons WordPress is so popular is because it’s compatible with pretty much every hosting environment.

          Although I admit I don’t quite understand the inner-workings of Discourse which make the 1 GB recommended minimum requirement, I don’t find it excessively unreasonable.

        3. That would be a great question to ask them on their Meta forum which James already linked you to. Version 1.0 has yet to be released and I read they are working on their cloud platform in case you don’t want to mess with handling server requirements yourself.

  4. Loving discourse already. Just joined WPChat on my mobile, and all was smooth. Currently ‘watching’ a thread on minimalist themes, and I look forward to having Discourse inviting me back there as others reply or mention.

    1. Just out of curiosity, are you a member of any other forums? What other software have you tried either as an admin or a user? How does the experience thus far compare?

  5. hi, why you not migrate from IRC to jabber system? chatme.im it’s a good server

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