1. Keimp

      People should not use plug-ins for these type of problems. Disabling the admin bar is something you fix in the functions file. The internet is full of examples how to do this. So to keep your wordpress site fast and clean: Learn about functions (it is not that difficult) and limit the use of plug-ins.

      1. I disgaree. Once you switch themes, the changes in the functions file are lost unless you add them to the new theme’s functions file. So why bother with that when you can just use a plugin. It’s similar to why you’d add Google Analytics code via a plugin and not directly to a theme.

      2. Running a very specific plugin like this isn’t going to make your site slow. And having your functions file pile up code in no particular order has its downsides. A plugin you can at least turn on and off without having to dig into code. If you’re going to write some functions yourself, stick it in a separate plugin. It’s saner.

      1. I released my plugin the day after WP 3.1 was released and introduced the “Admin Bar” (later redubbed “Toolbar”) feature, it definitely was a big request for client projects at the time :)

  1. It is an interesting concept, and I might look into it when I want to view a site and not log out of it. The bar at the top tends to move content down when I want to look at the native screen. Disabling the bar would keep be from having to open up a new browser or log out.

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