1. I’m curious to see how this would work in a Local -> Dev -> Production environment and how it handles (if it can) more complex version control functionality.

    1. Hi Luke, the UI for staging and related features is not finalized yet. Currently, it is just something that we know is technically possible and we’ll try to make it as user friendly as possible, as with the rest of VersionPress.

  2. The question about open source licensing needs to be addressed before taking money from people who will assume that, just like WordPress and most of its ecosystem, it will be delivered with a GPL-compatible license. If you plan on whipping up some weird and proprietary hybrid/closed source model, you need to tell people now.

      1. Thanks for the post, Borek. It doesn’t really say anything new though. I think you’re equating GPL licensing with free cost, and that doesn’t have to be the case. Regardless of cost, people want to know the licensing terms the source code will be released under.

        1. Thanks, John. We hear you and other people loud and clear and will get it sorted. Please give us some more time, hopefully not too much. Thanks again.

  3. Read the blog post and not convinced. This plugin will depend on a lot of Free Software so surely it should be GPL licensed too. Why not take the Gravity forms approach and sell support?

    1. Hi Rob, Gravity Forms is a good example and we’re looking into it. Just note that they don’t sell just the support – they also sell the plugin itself and there’s not way to obtain the plugin for free from them. That’s of course totally ok, I just thought I’d mention that.

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