1. I would appreciate if they start supporting Less. I use Less not Saas.

    1. Aakash – You might send them a pull request – I know they are eager to add Less support, too. :)

      1. Good idea. I dont know why people love Saas so much. I love Less. :)

    2. We definitely want to refine the Sass setup and make sure it’s pretty spot-on/useful, first. Then, we can look at bringing it over to Less. If /when we add a Less setup, I suspect it will be pretty close to the Sass version. Pull requests are welcome. :)

    3. Me too. LESS seems easier for theme developer to learn and use. I’d love if _s can support both LESS and SASS.

      Anyway, this is a big and good step ahead.

  2. This is great news, def. gives me a boost to start using sass.

    Can someone please point me to a tutorial in setting up sass in a local environment. Thanks :)

    1. You can go about it a few ways. Since you’re just starting out, I would recommend either trying the command line method tutorial via The Sass Way or via CodeKit (mac only). CodeKit has a friendly GUI and some pretty nifty reload features.

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