1. Something for everyone there Sarah and all good quality.
    Flat, responsive, large graphics seem to be the trend at the moment – did I miss any with parallax feature?

    Any predictions what will be the trend later in the year?

  2. Really great themes, these should be very useful for some of my new projects.

  3. Hi Steve, really good themes, thanks, Bushwick, Flato, Fullby, StanleyWP and Typefokus are better of 95% themeforest wordpress themes with many many megabytes…

  4. Thankyou. Finally good too see some themes that are NOT from a Themeforest affiliate account!

  5. Hey Sarah,

    Many times it happened, I liked any WordPress theme, installed it and later came to know many of settings were not possible which I required. But this is really a nice collection of WordPress theme. I will definitely try some of them.

    Thank you very much, keep sharing..

  6. anybody could find “Fullby” as a theme in wordpress (on .org or .com)? I didn’t, so far…

    never mind, I’ve downloaded and installed manually… nice :)

  7. Good list of themes Sarah! Hope you can do a follow up on this and have more themes for blogging niche.

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