1. You should post on the plugin’s support forum if you have an issue. Might be a conflict with one of the plugin’s you’re using.

    2. I’ve just pushed an update, so it should hopefully address the issue you’re having. Give it a try and if not, post the error on the support forums and I’ll get back to you immediately :) Gotta love teething problems haha! My apologies.

  1. Same here on a fresh install, just some missing files. Reported at the support forum at the repo but I’m looking forward to implementing this based on your description. A much needed void to be filled!

    1. Just pushed an update Pam, also left a comment on the support topic. Give it a try and let me know if it’s all resolved :) Sorry about that!

  2. semivile

    What about import from NextGen? Is it planned?

    1. Possibly! Definitely a good idea for an extension. How the plugin will be developed will be based on the feedback we receive, so if a particular feature is requested often I will probably work on adding it :)

  3. Nice! Can’t wait to see this develop. For most of my work it’s great out of the box already. I can see it would be easier to train clients on this than NextGen by far. Really need a simple built in lightbox option though.

  4. thraywalsh

    I installed it and it’s pretty cool and easy to create galleries with it although I hope there’ll be compatability with FooBox and other lightboxes in the future.

  5. Violacase

    Looks like it’s dead. Developer didn’t took actions on issues for 3 months now

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