1. Gorgeous colours and fabulous fonts.
    See so many themes with hard to read text – good to see well thought out typography.

    Many thanks to Justin and Tung.

  2. We knew going in that this theme wouldn’t be for everyone (like the smaller post area) and would have a fairly specific audience. Personally, I’m not a fan of the sidebar handling, but I’m not really a big fan of sidebars in general anyway. You have to try new things though to get the feedback you need from users.

    Tung really stepped outside of the theme designer’s box with the design to me. It’s fun to do something really specific with a design once in a while rather than just putting out another minimally-styled black-and-white theme. I like to do themes that should be sold on their design merits rather than the feature set.

  3. Thanks for the featuring the theme.

    About the small content space, I designed this for people looking for a portfolio theme. The blog pages are more of an add-on meant to be used like Tumblr.

    1. Hi Tung – I need your help ASAP – for some reason every post has the word “On” at the beginning of it…????!

      Eg: http://myunseenfriends.com/

      I’ve removed the posts, redone them and still the first word is On…

      How do I turn On OFF? Thanks!

      1. That looks more like a plugin than a theme bug to me. I bet you have a plugin installed which is messing with the “the_content” filter.

        1. Interesting! Thanks, Ryan – I’ll do a trial and error turning them off one at a time and see what I can find. Thanks so much!

        2. You’re brilliant – thanks! I just did a global deactivation and it’s fixed. Now to isolate the culprit. Thanks again!

          PROBLEM FIXED:

          OK – for future reference, it was the Print Press plug-in that was causing the problem.

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