1. My clients love push notifications and they think if apps could do that, why not websites? I’m not a big fan of push notifications on my iPhone, but I understand clients always after something new and easy to use.

    RSS is a kinda weird stuff for non-technical people, they have to find a way to subscribe the feeds, on their desktop or mobile. And they need to develop a habit to check that out or they’ll forget about it in a couple of days. In contrast, push notifications seem to be a much reliable way to get people notified after they subscribed.

    1. Looks like there are a number of other sites and services that agree with you. There are a handful of services popping up that will specifically cater to the Apple Push Notification service. I see how it’s helpful for a specific group of people but it’s so small, why cater to just theme? However, I want to see websites send push notifications to iOS devices and then that will expand the amount of reach to people. It’s not in iOS yet but soon will be.

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