1. So many wonderful projects are abandoned due to the inability to make then work – financially – for the developers. I’m forwarding this link to one of the dev’s & to code canyon support. I bought a plugin there that had such potential, only to have the developer abandon it. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some hub – sort of like an animal rescue group – for rehoming abandoned projects like this with lots of life left in them? A win-win, for sure!

  2. Very Interesting!
    I had used both Presswork and Emil’s Responsive theme for short periods, so I got a good chance to check them out. I knew Responsive went to Cyberchimps, but I had wondered what became of Presswork.

    Emil is a great coder and a very helpful, nice guy, so I think that this could go very well, and I wish him the best!

    Thanks for solving this mini-mystery! :)

  3. Thank you for the awesome post Sarah!

    And thank you Karen and David for your kind words. I am excited and ready.

    Stick around for more.

  4. As a current user of the PressWork theme I will be interested to hear what happens.

    1. Thank you David, it’s nice to hear that after 2 years people still use the PressWork.

  5. Chris English

    Good to hear. I used Presswork on a number of projects and was dismayed to find it gone. Welcome back.

    1. Thank you Chris!

      It is always great to hear from users directly :)

      I have a good feeling about this.

      Also taking this opportunity to invite everyone who wants to contribute https://github.com/emiluzelac/PressWork

      All contributions are welcome, it doesn’t matter how small or big it is.

  6. I have not used PressWork before when I downloaded it and used it. It was really amazing.
    I am sure that Emil will come up with more cool features and tools. Best wishes to Emil. :)

  7. I hope it goes somewhere. I use premium themes from c.bavota they never let me down. I was disappointed PressWork got lost in the shuffle. I removed PressWork from my uploaded themes just last month, had kept it around hoping for an update. I was surprised to see it come up as I was reading other posts on this site.

    1. Hi Laura,

      I hope that it does too, however time is not on my side lately and there are no contributors so far.


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