1. joseph

    That is cool, but isn’t it naturally going to take longer for the manual updates? I think it would be more interesting to know what these numbers look like in two weeks.

    1. Yeah, I think the manual updates will take a lot longer, if they even happen at all.

      What would be cool to see is how many people updated regularly before the auto-updates were put in place? I assume that the auto-updating is keeping a lot more blogs up-to-date than they would have done themselves.

  2. Awesome figures and the automatic updates are fabulous.

    All my sites and all client sites were auto updated and no problems.

    1. WPTavern was upgraded as I was 30k feet in the air. When I landed, all was well :)

  3. Impressive number, I’m wondering if people choose the option “Automatic update”, so there must be “99%” that after update process there won’t be any conflicts with 3rd party plugins.

  4. As it’s not easy to desactivate automatic update, it’s not difficult to understand these statistics.

  5. My sites were updated smoothly that I didn’t bother to download 3.9.1. Automattic indeed.

    1. That’s automatic with one T lol. Don’t worry, I make that mistake all the time.

  6. I think there’s a spelling mistake in the header: you wrote “automatic” but I believe the correct spelling is “automattic”… oh, no.. wait: I’m confused… lol

  7. Is this number for .org installs or does it include .com as well?

    1. Now you have me confused. WordPress.com sites can’t perform upgrades since they are all running on one WordPress Multisite install.

      1. Sorry for the confusion. Nacin confirmed it was .org only.

  8. E. Bryan

    Apparently I am one of the 3 percent. The auto update gives me the “unpacking the update” message then stops. Unless that phase of it is supposed to take over an hour.

  9. 3.9.1 happened automatically on my multi-site install. Haven’t been able to post or edit anything since. Plug-ins are all gone too, as far as I can see. And I am not the only one. And WordPress has met us with complete silence.

    So updates protect against cyber-attacks? This has been as bad as any cyber-attack. I am no tech whiz. All the solutions I’m seeing online would take me two workdays to implement. I will stop here and leave out the cusswords since this is not wordpress.org.

  10. Yes with auto-updates, they need to take care of any themes or plugins to NOT handicap the site.. :(
    3.9.1 has made that to many owners including me!

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