1. Oh no Sarah not a plugin to do that.
    It takes less time to change the default in your WordPress settings:

    In your admin area, go to Settings > Writing > look for the pull down menu beside “Default Post Categoy.” – choose your default and save.

    Granted I can only set one default category not multiple but isn’t that what “default” means?

    1. Multiple is helpful for news sites or other blogs that have editorial requirements.

    2. Great comment Keith! In hindsight I should have named the plugin Default Categories. It’s not really obvious from my description on wordpress.org what the typical use case is.

      1. In any event good luck with your plugin @Jason.
        You guys who write and distribute WordPress plugins have my total admiration.

      1. That’s a very nice update indeed, especially of those user’s are repeatedly writing about the same topics.

  2. Not to be a pedant but there should be a “to” in this one “…what if you want use multiple categories?” ;)

  3. I like to always change the name and slug of Uncategorized to “General” or “News” that way you don’t ever have to deal with the, in my opinion, useless, Uncategorized category.

    1. Yes, this is one of the first things I do for every new WP install! I always choose the most common category as the default. Won’t hurt if you forget to change it later!

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