1. Of course I had to try it and found several sites which have the same theme as I use in their themes directory, even if they are not actually using it. This brought me another set of thoughts, on security, so I checked out my own site and noted, with a sigh of relief, a 404 page came up rather than the directory. So, I guess the idea is good for two things!

  2. @Viktoria Michaelis – Heh. The fix to that is very simple. If you add a blank index.html file into your plugins directory or themes directory, browsers will see a blank page when browsing those directories versus seeing the folder structure.

  3. @Jeffro – which is what I have in effect and thus the 404. However, it highlights how many people don’t have this simplest of security additions!

  4. I just wondering about this topic this morning! Thanks!

  5. You can keep people out of your website’s directories by adding this line to your .htaccess file too:

    Options -Indexes

    It’s a good backstop so you don’t have to remember to put a blank file in every directory.

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