1. Awesomeness! Sincere thanks for this post, Sarah.

  2. Eric Rasch

    Unofficial history of Genesis Skeleton… Eric Clemmons spawned the idea after listening to me complain about our then-current launch process while we attended a WordUpAustin conference in Jan. 2012. The Genesis Skeleton workflow is now so ingrained in our company, I can’t imagine launching sites or doing dev work without it.

  3. I think the name is a mistake, but the project looks brilliant!

    1. I think anyone who’s making something for free can give it any name they wish. :)

      1. True, but there’s also the WordPress Skeleton theme too. I was slightly confused by your post title at first. But yeah, looks like a great idea.

    2. Again, sorry about that. The originating project (http://genesis-skeleton.com/) had nothing to do with WordPress. It was all about a stable foundation for Angular.

      It just so happened that, at work, we had a need for Angular, WordPress, React, Express, and several other “Genesis Skeletons”. :)

  4. Awesome! Wondering why you chose to go the apache route and not nginx..is there perhaps a fork with nginx as an alternative web server?

  5. with genesis skeleton wordprss the DB is under software version controll? in ohter words can we choose a particulary database version?

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