1. I like it a lot Sarah. It reminds me of one I am using for one of my sights now except this has a much better header design.

  2. Awesome theme, this is how twentyfourteen should look like: lite, bright and clean.

  3. Yes the demo site looks good.

    “Fullby is a fluid theme that expands to use all the available space on any screen, including desktop, mobile, tablet and larger screens.”

    Works well when you resize the browser.

  4. what is “Boostrap” in 3rd feature? or it is short form of Bootstrap? Theme looks good however. I may try it.

  5. I’ve been loving all the recent posts calling out cool themes.

  6. How do I get the same look as the “Popular” and “Latest” sidebar? Is this a plug-in? I’m hoping to add it to the left sidebar of 3rdlevelcomics.com

  7. I like the theme but unfortunately it has a very bad score at google page speed insights, so the theme is not an option for me.

      1. Hello Andrea, I love the Fullby theme! I installed next gen gallery with it and the gallery seems to acting awkward so i posted comments on next gen support on wp.org. Support says the problem might be with my theme using an old jquery. Any ideas how to fix this?

  8. Very nice. I’m not a huge fan of the some of the colors but it works well. LIKE

  9. Julie

    Very Nice Theme! I love Font Awesome for social icons.

  10. This WordPress theme is great and specially because of it is free. I love the color. It is so elegant. Designed with Bootstrap , will give us the flexibility of using it in low resolution. Thanks for sharing with us this free magazine style theme

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