1. This theme is absolutely gorgeous. If I hadn’t just re-themed my personal site, I would be all over this.

  2. Abdul

    I didn’t like it because it doesn’t support excerpts very well. It changed my one quotation which was looking so ugly on page that I didn’t even activate on my blog.

  3. Great looking theme and I love…

    “All the options for the theme can be found in the native WordPress theme customizer. Putting everything in the customizer is a growing trend among WordPress theme developers,”

    Using the WordPress native customiser has to be the way to go.

  4. I like it how Responsive design support has become a de-facto thing for themes these days given the Tablet and mobile world we are living in. Great theme nonetheless.

  5. The theme looks great. Love the colour contrast. Bummer that it’s not responsive – possibly fixable in a child theme. I do like that it’s using the built-in customizer – so many commercial themes shops seem to be fixed on using their own custom theme options panels.

      1. Perhaps I should have been more specific: it’s not responsive the way *I* would like it :) There’s fixed content sizes, rather than fluidity. And at a small width, the content jumps below the long sidebar, requiring scrolling for mobile users.

  6. Nice theme. simply, minimalist. i like it

  7. Thanks for the comments and feedback, I will be releasing an update soon with a few small fixes for this theme.

    Im also currently redoing our current themes to all use the Theme Customizer – its a good powerful tool we have to use now so I see no need for bloated options panels any longer.

  8. Please include a way to easily change the theme width so as to make the content area wider w/o messing up the appearance of the theme

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