1. This is something I wanted to implement on my site. Have to check though how it’s working.

  2. Testing out this plugin :) Thanks Sarah for introducing

  3. Thanks. It would be interesting to see how the integration with other plugins plays out

    1. There are addons for Stream and BudyPress on Github, if you want to beta test.
      I also added guest voting in 1.3.0

  4. I love the idea behind this plugin although it wouldn’t make sense to use it on the Tavern since the site is not open to registration.

    1. Thanks, maybe I’ll do an integration with Jetpack comments.

      1. Good luck :) if you do, you should write about the experience. I don’t even know if it’s possible to bolt on functionality into Jetpack comments.

  5. Robin

    A point of constructive criticism: put the settings and controls in one place! ok, two points: and provide at least a little bit of documentation (screenshots 404 on github)

    1. Thanks for the feedback Robin.
      Global settings are on the Discussions page, and the per user settings are on the user’s profile. I think that makes the most sense.

      The screenshots should be visible on the WordPress.org repo.

    1. Because it’s not right for every site. But we do hope to add comment likes if it comes to Jetpack :)

  6. I am searching for twitter like reply system for my wordpress blog. Can you suggest any?

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