WPWeekly Episode 22 – Interview With Alex King

wordpressweekly1Here it is. The final episode of WordPress Weekly where I interviewed Alex King for about an hour. We discussed all sorts of things related to WordPress such as plugin development, themes, his plugins, trends online, why WordPress is so popular, comparisons between Drupal and WordPress and last but not least, questions and callers chimed in with their own questions.

Thank you to anyone who has downloaded and listened to the show during it’s existence. It’s been an interesting ride for 22 episodes and I’ve learned a lot in regards to broadcasting live within that period of time. Thanks to everyone who left me feedback and commented on the show. Special thanks goes out to everyone who happened to be a semi-co-host on the air with me and thanks for participating live every week.

What will I be doing now? I plan on bringing back Perfcast which is a podcast produced under the Performancing brand which will cover all things blogging. This means we’ll talk about SEO, monetization, plagiarism, copy writing, plugins, themes, news of the week and much, much more. I want to broaden my horizons and Perfcast will be the perfect model for what I want to do with my podcasting skills. I plan on doing the show live as I love community participation. Look for it to be launching somewhere near September.

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Length Of Episode: 1 Hour 16 Minutes

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