WPWeekly Episode 16 – Open Mic

wordpressweekly1This week on WordPress Weekly, it was open mic week. However, it didn’t work out as I imagined and thankfully, I had a list of news items to use as a backup plan. It also helped that a couple of regulars who had some free time on their hand showed up to participate in the show. After letting listeners know about the renewal of the domain jeffro2pt0.com for two years, I dove into some feedback that I had received from listeners of the show. After that, introductions were made and then we dove into the news. This panel made one hell of a good show.


Ptah Dunbar of Ptahdunbar.com

Jacob Santos of Santosj.name

Andrew Rickmann of WP-FUN.co.uk

David Peralty Author Of Xfep.com

Charles StricklinThe host and producer of The WordPress Podcast.


Ed Sutherland of problognews.com wrote in and said:

Hi Jeff, I wanted to drop a line to let you know how impressed I was by your podcast interview of former Blog ing Pro editor Dave Peralty. The questions were informed and you followed-up on the answers. Unlike many other podcast/video interviews of blogging executives, your show was actually informative beyond the tech fan audience.

Be sure to check out Ed’s blog as it reads like a newspaper and he does a great job with it.

Ryan of pixopoint.com wrote in and said:

I just wanted to say thanks for providing the WordPress Weekly podcast. It is the best podcast on WordPress I’ve found. I spent most of the past two days listening to your podcasts while working on my WordPress plugins and themes

Thanks for the kind words Ryan. I’m always trying to improve the show and if the content is worth while, mission is accomplished. Hope you can participate live one day.


Automattic Turns 21 – Not 21 years old, but that is now the number of people employed by Automattic. Automattic has hired Warwick Poole, former director of systems at Vidavee which was recently acquired by Vignette. According to his job title as “Systemologist” Warwick will be in control of Keeping the barriers to online publishing low, by scaling the infrastructure which runs WordPress.org, WordPress.com, Akismet.com and other related projects.

WordPress Training Videos – Kirk of WordPressTraining.com informed us in late April that the site now has training videos for the last two major versions of WordPress, that being 2.3 and 2.5. The videos are large, well authored and most importantly for many of you, they are free. If you are looking for videos that cover a variety of topics, your best bet would be to check out WeblogToolsVideos.com

New admin bar for WP.com users – If you use WordPress.com to blog or have an account with WP.com, you will notice that the admin bar thats at the top of your page has changed from blue, to grey. A minor adjustment to the My Account link now include the WordPress logo. The reason for the change was to allow the admin bar to gain less of your attention.

Farms 100 Big Ones Theme Pack – Yes, that’s correct, the latest theme pack has 100 delicious, 100% WPMU compatible, WordPress themes all for you. They are full of widgets (every theme is widgetized) and customizable headers galore.

Your Favorite BookMarklet? – Matt Mullenweg laid the question out their to the community to receive their feedback on what publishing bookmarklet did they favor the most. Many people including myself vouched for the usefulness of the Tumblr bookmarklet. Some mentioned the WP Quickpost plugin but others were quick to point out that the quickpost plugin lacked features. It would appear as though there may be some development going on into a new bookmarklet, which disappeared with the release of WP 2.5


I made a special announcement during the podcast but I am not going to tell where in the podcast the announcement was made and what the announcement consisted of. That will be saved for a post that is to come shortly.

Again, special thanks to the folks who showed up tonight. I thought this was going to be a tough show to do, but Charles, David and the rest of the regulars really chimed in which made the show fly by! I thought the discussion about the WordPress Trademark was excellent and quite a number of points/counter points were made. I’d be pretty interested to hear your feedback on this weeks show.

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