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WPmail.me LogowpMail.me is a free newsletter curated by Cristian Antohe. Once a week, subscribers receive an email letting them know about the good stuff they might have missed during the week within the WordPress community. The newsletter covers WordPress news and articles, theme specific news, theme releases, Plugin news and last but not least, tutorials. I’ve been a subscribed member to the newsletter for a few months now and I take pride in knowing that most of the articles that make the weekly roundup I am familiar with. However, there always seem to be one or two good ones that I missed. This is the primary reason why wpMail.me is a good resource for me because it highlights news bits that I may have missed. So far, Christian has lived up to his promise by not sending anything else to my inbox except the newsletter issue.

So far, the newsletter is at 23 issues after 6 months. While I highly recommend subscribing to the newsletter, Christian currently has all issues available in the archive. If you use this newsletter, consider giving Christian some feedback either to him directly or through the comments on this post.



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