WordPress Dev Chat For 12-17-09

wordpresslogoThis meeting was only 15 minutes long. By the time I joined the room, it was already over. Unfortunately, the log file for the 17th does not contain the beginning of the meeting. Peter Westwood and Jane Wells do not have log files for me to comb through but Jane was kind enough to give me a list of bulletin points that were discussed.

  • 2.9 should probably be released this week if no major new bugs come up
  • we’ll skip dev meeting for next two weeks due to holidays
  • there will be dev blog posts in meantime linked to forum threads so everyone can start thinking about things before we kick off with a bang in 2010
  • first thing we’ll do when we come back is decide on a scope for 3.0 to avoid feature creep

After the meetup was over, there was still quite a bit of discussion around the topic of canonical plugins which you can read here. Just start scrolling up.

The next developers meeting will be held on January 8th.

Have a great holiday guys and gals, you have certainly earned it!


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