1. Omaar Osmaan

    This is awesome! Open sourcing it is the best goodies for the community!

    Thanks again, Matt, and the team- :)


  2. Sudhir Khanger

    WordPress.com for Linux is in an awesome news. There aren’t any RPM packages so that I can quickly start using it. I hope someone will make them soon.


  3. Ryan Hellyer

    I’ve tested the Linux app in Ubuntu 14.04 just now, and it works smooth as butter :) Excellent job Automattic :)


  4. Hardeep Singh

    Any Idea, when it will be available for Windows?


  5. Jeffrey

    I used to use Windows Live Writer for my blogs (yes, plural. It can connect to several major blog platform) and I think it was the best desktop application for bloggers, but unfortunately, Microsoft stopped the development in 2012 and I stopped using it too. The good news is that Microsoft recently started an open source fork of Windows Live Writer called Open Live Writer and released the initial public version just a few days ago. I am going to give it a try to see how it works.


  6. Alin Ionut

    It would be nice if they’ll make it work with self-hosted websites and no jetpack plugin.


  7. Rick

    I just tried to download the Windows version to my Win7 system running avast!. It is flagging the download as an infected file (Win32:Evo-gen) and won’t complete the download. If I pull to a system not running avast!, as soon as I try to install on the Win7 system, it gets flagged.


  8. Terence

    I don’t care ~ I still don’t get it.

    An Electron wrapper for Calypso? Good grief Charlie Brown.

    OK, yes, I downloaded it, and I have updated it, but I still don’t see the point.

    I have a browser. What do I need this for?

    You’re the smart ones. So tell me. Why can’t I live without it?

    Because I am about to find out shortly.

    Yours in frustration,

    Terence (the Luddite)


    • mark k.

      At its current stage you probably don’t “need” it. In theory it might be faster right now than using a browser, but I am not sure if there is a difference and how noticeable it is.

      You might want it if they will develop some integration with your local machine, say an automatic backup.


  9. Hari

    I downloaded it and when I installed it on my Linux 32 bit machine, I got a message that I had wrong architecture. Is 64 bit app the only choice for Linux? It’s too bad to leave 32 bit users behind.


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