Widget Context Updated

Kaspar’s has announced that he has released a new version of his cool Widget Context plugin which fixes the problem of widget settings not being saved the first time around. The plugin also has added a new feature which enables you to show or hide a widget if the blog post has more or less than a certain number of words. Kaspar’s has this to say regarding the new feature:

Please note the new feature that checks for a word count in a post works perfectly only on single post view (when the full article is displayed) and makes only an estimate when paginated archive or index page is being viewed. The reason for this is that your theme can alter the ‘typical’ number of words that archive pages should display, which is everything above the tag.

Unfortunately, I have begun using a different plugin to control when and where widgets are displayed called Widget Logic. While you need to know a little bit of code or at least, know what you’re looking at when viewing the list of WP Conditional Tags, it’s worked out great for me without any fuss.



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