1. Illia Kyselov

    This sounds like great news. I think the transition to hybrid themes can improve user customization and make site management even more efficient.


  2. Daniel

    I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. So-called premium themes on fire off the shoulder of cheap web hosting. I watched highly-optimised themes glitter in the dark near the Google Lighthouse. All those environments will be lost in time, like tears in rain… except they won’t, because someone will end up needing to maintain these many flavours of WordPress.

    Having the “.org vs .com” conversation with new clients was never much fun, but the last couple of years has seen the scope expand to include “classic”, “block”, and “FSE”. My experience has been this can be confusing and quite worrying for clients, forever nudged along by a fear of not having the latest-and-greatest.

    I don’t know if this really applies, but what has happened to decisions, not options? I would really like to see WordPress choose a more specific path and own it. WordPresses feels very clumsy to say.


    • Andrew

      I suppose if I were a prospective client, I would want a developer/designer who knows what’s what, who knows what I need, and who really owns that knowledge.


      • Daniel

        I completely agree with you, Andrew. It’s precisely for the reasons you give that it’s important to discuss the current suite of options with prospective clients, to help tease out and match with their current and future expectations. This is not necessarily straightforward when the final shape of some of those options is not currently knowable.

        Justin has listed four potential types of theme. I do feel there’s an opportunity here, where an upstream decision made now by WordPress—to endorse a specific approach to theming, if possible—has the potential to have a positive downstream effect: developers can focus a little more on building rather than choosing how to build, while future maintainers can have a little less trepidation when inheriting a site.


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