1. M

    I am one of those who absolutely hate the customizer, I shouldn’t say “hate” but that describes just how much I dislike it and how much I have been saddened by all the human effort that has been poured into it rather than other parts of the WordPress project. But WOW, that customize-direct-manipulation plugin (maybe it needs a better name) changes everything. Now, thanks to it the customizer finally makes sense.

    Concerning the theme compatibility issues, and more specifically the z-index and color cases, maybe the plugin could add some settings page to the backend where the user (or more maybe even the theme author) could set their appropriate values and styling.

    Anyway, thanks for fixing the customizer experience.


  2. Derek Wood

    This looks like a very promising option for the future of editing WordPress sites. I think the biggest issue into the future might be the interaction between the thousands of existing themes and plugins. If this does take off, one would hope to see it be potentially enforced at the core level of WordPress. This way they might be able to implement some mechanism to make future themes and plugins support this type of framework. I myself often have multiple windows open when managing a site as it helps to easy the workflow of my edits or linking, etc. Having a framework that could make this process even easier then it already is would be welcomed by me.


  3. Weston Ruter

    @jeff Thanks for the post. I’ll note that the tooltip+shift+click to edit is not what #27403 is proposing. On the contrary, tooltip+shift+click on elements is something that has been in core since widgets were added to the customizer in 3.9. It was later implemented for nav menu items as well. In 4.5 this was expanded to any element that implements the selective refresh interface, so commonly the site title, tagline, and custom logo. The ticket is all about figuring out a good theme-compatible solution for discovering editable elements. The reason why the tooltip with tooltip+shift+click was added is that it is compatible with virtually all themes. The UI that the Customize Direct Manipulation plugin introduces adds the needed discovery, but it has the challenge of theme compatibility. So yeah, we’re trying to find a good solution to upgrade the existing tooltip+shift+click behavior in core. The Customize Direct Manipulation plugin is one such solution.


  4. Matt

    We’ve had quick edit links inside Note plugin since it’s release. You can open an entire sidebar, or an individual Note widget by clicking within the previewer. Nice to see someone with more clout introduce it, maybe broaden it’s adoption.


    • Weston Ruter

      The Customize Posts plugin likewise enables the regular Edit Post links in the preview to actually open the post for editing in the customizer.


    • Nate Wright

      My content layout control uses in-content icons too but I stole the idea from Note. :)

      Yay for a customizer button api. Maybe they could even launch the customizer from the frontend.


      • Nick Halsey

        Frontend-based is definitely an eventual goal. The way partials work with selective refresh, we have the basis for an API for whatever the tooltip/button/etc. might end up looking like. But, there’s definitely a lot of UX work to do to come up with something that works well at the end of the day.


  5. Ron

    Two words – Divi 3.0


  6. Rick

    Possibly naive question, but do we have user research or stats that demonstrate how often people customize the look of their sites? I’ve always felt that you design a site, launch it and then got on with the business of the site, whatever that is.

    I can see a fair amount of tweaking early on to get things right and adjust things that you might have missed in a first pass, but it rather mystifies me that people seem so fixated on the Customizer and related issues.


    • Kristin

      Thank you! Those issues can also be handled by a builder not the owner. What matters in the real world is an easy way to edit a huge variety of content on the front end where it makes sense to people who maintain their sites.

      Seems like we are just focused on becoming easy to set up and forgetting about easy to use. If the effort put into the Customizer had been put into the Front End Editor plugin that was on the core plugins list we would have much more useful software for small business owners. It just makes me sad.


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