1. Keith Davis

    Hi Jeff
    “WordPress is a content management system, and a good one at that.”
    Amen to that.


  2. Justin

    I didn’t realize there was some debate still going on about this. Ozh settled it 6 years ago, right? Meanwhile, the rest of us have been building cool stuff with WP.


  3. Scott Bolinger

    Next debate: WordPress as an application platform


    • morroneyDan

      I agree with Scott B that the new debate is if WP can be suitable as an App/SaaS platform. The CMS debate was over long ago, especially after custom post types became available. I think one of the biggest things hurting WP as an app platform is bloat among other things.


  4. Andreas Nurbo

    But is it a good CMS or a bad one? Or is it just a mediocre one? =) (guess its the last still).

    WordPress is not an application platform. Its a view layer for applications. So there.


    • Peter Knight (@peterrknight)

      To me the only distinction that needs to be made is that WordPress is *an* application platform, not “the” application platform for every kind of application. In other words, there are some cases where WP fits well. think that’s the only distinction that needs to be made.

      Using WP as a backend is really attractive for certain things, allowing you to write all the UI/view layers with your own (say, clientside) frameworks. The nice thing is you can self host the backend, i.e. put it on your own choice of hosting or on your own hardware. You don’t get the same liberties with hosted backend services.


  5. Aakash

    The whole debate issue indicate that, some bloggers do want to call their platform a CMS. And I see no reason to do that.


  6. Nizam Uddin

    Next Debate: WordPress as an ERP for small business!


  7. Ryan Hellyer

    I think those who debate whether a system designed to manage content is a content management system or not, should find a more sane subject to argue about :P


    • Jeff Chandler

      Yeah, I agree. When I read the article that sparked this post, I was almost taken a back that it was still going on. Those inside of the WordPress community decided a long time ago the darn thing was a CMS. It’s those who don’t use it and outside of the sphere that are having the debate still.


  8. trishjones (@TrishJones)

    It does what I need it to do and so whatever name it’s given … IT JUST WORKS … so there!!


  9. barniwebs

    WordPress is simply a CMS and a powerful one at that…case closed!


  10. silicon28

    This is still a topic for debate? Did I not see the time warp happen or something? Most of us kicked this to the curb five or six years ago> There are plenty of important things to spend time on – and this simply isn’t one of them.


  11. Kaya Ismail

    Thanks for the mention Jeff!

    I’ve had a few people respond to this article wondering whether the debate actually still exists. Unfortunately, in some circles, the view that WP isn’t a CMS is still alive and kicking.

    Here is an article from Janus Boye discussing how some dont view WP as a CMS:


    And another article claiming WP isn’t a CMS:


    A search through the #CMSExpo hashtag also confirms the debate is still around:



  12. Miroslav Glavic

    When I use the WordPress for Android…am I using the App or am I using the WordPress on my server where my site is?

    If I use something on my Galaxy S4 phone…it is an app. If I use it on my laptop then it is not an app.


    • Ryan Hellyer

      It is an app. no matter where it is hosted.


      • Miroslav Glavic

        For me, I think of something as an app when it is on a portable device. not laptop/computer.


        • Peter Knight (@peterrknight)

          I recently came across what’s perhaps a good way to think about what makes an app different from the normal website/webpage use cases. If it’s mostly links and text, that’s probably just a webdocument, i.e. not an app.

          Anything other experience that offers more interactivity can be considered an app (why not?). I think a blog with a comments section in itself can be considered a web app in the broadests sense of the word. WordPress is already an app platform because you can run a social network, forum, ecommerce site with a plugin, it’s almost turn key.

          When it comes to platform, I don’t see why you wouldn’t call apps for mobile devices native mobile apps, or mobile web apps. Alongside those you have desktop apps, regular web apps and tv apps. Would be cool to see more desktop apps that interface with WP.


  13. Ray

    Is WordPress a CMS? Yes. Is it a good one? It could be better if core developers stopped focusing so much in its blogging features and started giving some deserved attention to long-standing taxonomy bugs such as https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5034 or https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5809


  14. kurt

    WordPress has always been a CMS. Its original focus on blogging posts meant it worked best for blogging. It didn’t mean it wasn’t a CMS.

    I agree with Scott B. How well it works as an app platform.


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