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Glenn Beck who has written books, appeared on numerous television shows, radio shows, etc. has launched his new project called The912Project. The sites purpose is to bring everyone back to the way things were in society on the day after the September 11th terrorist attacks occurred. Without diving into Glenn Becks message or the type of content he produces, I wanted to highlight the fact that the site powering his new project is WordPress and the theme it’s running is a modified version of Brian Gardner’s Metro Theme.

The 912Project Website In Action
The 912Project Website In Action

Among the changes between the default Metro theme and The912Project website is a change in font color from red to blue. The lack of a featured content block on the 912Project website, one large header image, and instead of the subscription links being shown at the top of the site, they are shown at the bottom. That is something you’ll hardly see any other site doing as bloggers have always been taught to place subscription links right in plain view. Also, the 912Project website is using IntenseDebate for their commenting system rather then the default comments in WordPress.

To be honest, even though they are subtle changes, I think I prefer the 912Project version of the Metro theme versus the one created by Brian. What do you think?



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