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  • #59 – Corey Maass on How To Use WordPress To Kickstart Your SaaS App

    #59 – Corey Maass on How To Use WordPress To Kickstart Your SaaS App

    On the podcast today we have Corey Maass. Corey is a full-stack web developer who works with agencies and businesses, large and small. He specialises in advanced WordPress functionality and building products for, and using, WordPress. Over the last decade or so, SaaS apps have become more and more popular. Not only are we using our computers more, but with the rise of smartphones, we’re connected to our services all the time. There does not appear to be any corner of life where online platforms don’t have some presence. From email to taxis, fitness to food planning and delivery. You can find it all in a SaaS app somewhere. Corey is on the podcast today to talk about why he thinks that building a MVP, or minimum viable product, app on top of WordPress is a good way to start your product journey. We talk about how WordPress comes bundled with many of the features that apps require, user login, roles, permissions and the REST API. This means that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for the things that WordPress already does. If you’ve toyed with the idea of creating a SaaS app in the past, but never quite got there, this episode is for you.