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  • #21 – Chris Coyier Talks About Why He Sold CSS-Tricks

    #21 – Chris Coyier Talks About Why He Sold CSS-Tricks

    On the podcast today we have Chris Coyier. Chris has been a user and educator in the WordPress and web development space for many years. He’s an author, podcaster, developer, but is perhaps best known for his website CSS-Tricks. CSS-Tricks has been a valuable source of information about CSS for over 15 years. Updated multiple times a week, the site has articles about every aspect of styling your website. It’s gone through several iterations over those years. A few weeks ago Chris decided it was time for CSS-Tricks to find a new home and it’s now owned and operated by Digital Ocean, a popular cloud computing service provider. This podcast is all about the journey that Chris has had running CSS-Tricks.