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  • #10 – What’s in WordPress 5.9, and What Is Openverse?

    #10 – What’s in WordPress 5.9, and What Is Openverse?

    On the podcast today we have something new. Until now I’ve interviewed one person at a time, but today there’s three people on the call, Birgit Pauli-Haack, Marcus Kazmierczak and Zack Krida. So WordPress 5.9 is just around the corner. Initially scheduled for release in December 2021, it has now been pushed back until January 2022. There’s a lot in this release, most notably Full Site Editing and we chat through the highlights. The we move on to talk about Openverse, which is a search engine for openly-licensed media. We get into how media is licensed and why this project is a good fit for WordPress, and we round off with some thoughts on how it will integrate with the Block Editor in the future.