Standardizing Theme Hook Names

Community member Dan Cole started a conversation the other day asking if it was time that theme authors got together to standardize the names of theme hooks.

More and more themes are putting hooks in their themes, but when they do this they use their own naming convention. Theme developers and should pack together and create a standard naming convention for the most common ones. It would do a big favor to the people who use these hooks and even move it away from just personal use, plugin developers could then start to take advantage of these hooks in themes.

There has already been some feedback published in the forum where as the idea looks like it has merit. As for my thoughts on the matter, I’m not a theme developer and I’m still not at the level of understanding this lingo people use such as hooks, filters, blabla. But thinking about it the other day, I want to know what these terms mean so I can follow the conversations that take place surrounding subjects like these. I’ll be tapping into WordPress For Dummies as I believe their is a section that covers this material.

Last but not least, Dan has published a survey to try and get a better idea as to where people stand on the issue.

This thread in the forum as well as the one for theme standards has given me an idea for a post I’ve been thinking about for awhile now. Time to get cracking!



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