So You Want To Be A Co-Host?

Not long ago, I put the call out that I was looking for a new co-host to help me with the WordPress Weekly podcast. I didn’t think I would receive much feedback regarding the position but I was wrong. I ended up receiving a couple of great applications but during the search for a new co-host, I decided on a new way to do the show which I couldn’t do before.

Using the WordPress Weekly forum, I will create a new thread that will correspond to the next episode. I’ll add in two to three stories during the week that I want to talk about. If you are interested in either having a story discussed or to be a guest co-host on the show, this is where you would tell me. I’m going to limit the amount to 4 co-hosts per episode as anything more will just get confusing. The co-host spots for each episode will be first come first serve. The only time I will not have guest co-hosts on the show is when I do an interview.

With this system, I hope to create a bit more diverse crowd of co-hosts to weigh in on different stories each week. Also, the previous hurdle of not knowing what is going to be discussed is removed thanks to the forum. I’m hoping that the guest co-hosts will submit a story or two for discussion so you don’t constantly have to hear my big yapper. Most of the feedback I have received regarding the show is that the roundtable episodes end up being their favorite, so why not do them all the time?

To all those who got in touch with me regarding the position, I thank you for showing so much interest. If I regain interest in having a dedicated individual to serve as co-host, I have a few good people to contact.

There will not be an episode of WordPress Weekly for October 13th as I work on other things and because of some pitfalls last week, I’m not in the position to record the show. There will be a show for October 20th though.



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