Registration Now Open for WP Accessibility Day, November 2-3, 2022

WP Accessibility Day 2022 is taking place next month on November 2-3. The one-day virtual event features 24 hours of talks on building accessible websites in WordPress. It is independently organized by volunteers from WordPress’ Accessibility Team and other community members.

The schedule for the event is currently a password-protected page but should be available soon. The YouTube recordings for the 2020 event offer a good example of the kind of topics attendees can expect – building accessible menus from scratch, Gutenberg’s accessibility with screen readers, how to use ARIA in forms, essential HTML tweaks for accessible themes, and more. A single track will run approximately 26-28 presentations during the course of the event.

WP Accessibility Day would be remiss without accessibility accommodations in place. Organizers are endeavoring to provide the most accessible experience possible with the resources they have, including the following:

  • Videos will stream via YouTube with closed captions.
  • Transcripts will be available through StreamText.
  • Slido will be used for chat and submitting questions to the speakers.

Opening remarks will begin at 14:45 UTC (11/2/2022 at 10:45 AM America/New_York) and attendees are welcome to join for any sessions throughout the 24 hours. Registration is now open and it’s free to attend. There is also a $150 microsponsorship option. WP Accessibility Day has 16 corporate sponsors who will provide attendees with virtual swag and prizes.



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