Recorded Sessions From WordCamp Detroit

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the folks over at for sponsoring my trip to WordCamp Detroit. Without their support, I would not have been able to attend. If you’re looking for an easy to use service to poll your readers or conduct surveys, definitely give them a try. I suggest taking a look at their brand new product: PollDaddy Quizzes which is great for teachers, marketers, or trainers.

During day one of WordCamp Detroit, I was able to successfully record six different sessions. Here they are for your listening pleasure. Do your best to imagine the slides that were presented during each presentation or, you can find links to most of the slides for their presentations on the WordCamp Detroit schedule page.

Todd J. List – Whats in a theme? – Todd has a unique strategy for finding the right theme for your WordPress blog. Here he will open his ideas to you. Download the MP3 here.

Anthony Montalbano – Theres a Plugin for That – Anthony will be sharing a library of plugins to make your WordPress blog do virtually anything you can imagine. Download the MP3 here.

Justin Popovic – SEO and Social Media for WordPress – Justin will share his expertise and game plan for taking a hold of your SEO and social media efforts on your WordPress site. Download the MP3 here.

Ross Johnson – 10 ways to speed up WordPres – Ross will walk you through the many ways you can increase the performance of your WordPress site. Download the MP3 here.

Shayne Sanderson – PHP/CSS for Beginners – Shayne will be giving us a basic overview on how easy it is to edit your WordPress sites by modifying PHP and CSS. It’s easier than you think! Download the MP3 here.

Ryan Imel – Understanding WordPress Multisite – WordPress Multisite (previously WordPress MU) is receiving more attention since the release of 3.0 than ever before. Learn how to use Multisite to improve your development practices and build out networks intelligently. Download the MP3 here.



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