Microsoft Adds WordPress Data Source and Template to Windows App Studio Beta

Budding Windows App Studio developers who want an easy way to create a Windows application of their WordPress sites are in luck. In the December update, the Windows App Team announced a couple of new features including, a WordPress data source and template.

Windows App Studio is a template-driven, drag-and-drop software development tool that enables developers to publish Windows applications.

The new data source enables developers to easily connect Windows Applications to WordPress sites. Not only can developers pull content from WordPress sites and display it within an app, they can also publish the app to the Windows Store.

Windows App Studio WordPress Template
Windows App Studio WordPress Template

Also part of the update is the ability for application developers to use Microsoft Advertising. Using Microsoft Ad Control, developers can place advertising within their apps. Combining a Windows application that hooks into WordPress that’s available for purchase by millions of Windows 10 users opens up a new monetization opportunity for site owners.

If you’re interested in developing an application in Windows App Studio, check out Microsoft’s how-to guide that walks you through the process.



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