1. Samuel
    · Reply

    So that would be something great if that came out by 5.9. The possibilities for us users would be really gigantic


  2. Val
    · Reply

    I’ve recently given Gutenberg another chance. I’ve been using it extensively for the last 3 weeks now and I can only say one thing – it sucks as much as it’s awesome.
    You can barely achieve anything using core blocks only. And the reason is, they have no responsive options whatsoever.

    I can imagine the developers behind it being overwhelmed. But it really feels like we’ll have to wait yet another year just to get something barely doing the job.

    The lack of simplest options for the blocks really is a shame. And the worst is, this does no good even for the main purpose of Gutenberg – being a modern content editor.

    Thank goodness we have third-party developers who really know their game.


  3. Paul Lacey
    · Reply

    I have a controversial and probably silly idea.

    The team look at what could be the best possible way to have navigation managed inside a WordPress site, and work backwards from that. Maybe blocks isn’t the best place to do this. Sure, a block for putting the navigation into where it goes in the header and controlling the way this then renders responsively including sub navigation.

    Are we putting into the mix a challenge variable that doesn’t need to be there (full block based navigation). Just asking the question.


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