1. Dan

    Least used? I should hope not, especially during National Poetry Month! https://wordpress.com/tag/napowrimo


    • Justin Tadlock

      Hey, I gave a nod to the poetry community in my screenshot. :) I actually have a B.A. in English with a concentration in creative writing and am fondly remembering the fiction writers vs. poets rivalry.

      I wonder if WordPress.com can share the stats on how many of those posts use the Verse block. I’m mostly just seeing regular paragraphs, and one odd one where the entire poem is an image caption. I have found a few Verse blocks though. An experiment might be to create a block variation titled “Poem” to watch for an uptick in usage. Or, as part of NaPoWriMo, .COM could highlight the Verse block with an admin pointer or something.


  2. Franci Hoffman

    I agree with, Dan. For those of us that write poetry, we need to separate verses. I don’t use the Verse block. I use the Paragraph and the Separator to distinguish verses.


  3. Stephen Vaughan

    I will add that the accordion mechanism should also be enhanced in the side bar so that when one gets opened the others close. Added to this some sort of visual tinting should differentiate the headers of the title sections from the controls within. As it is, it’s like looking into a field of thistles, hard to see the woods from the trees…


  4. Gary Taylor

    What is the point of a verse block
    It’s one that should kick the bucket.
    We should be improving the ones to which users flock
    And not the one used by a man from Nantucket.

    (Also, thanks for the update.)


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