DD32 Looking For Plugin Contributors

Dion Hulse also known as DD32 recently celebrated his birthday (happy belated birthday!) and in a recent blog post announced that he is looking for additional contributors to his plugins. According to Dion, his plugins are about to reach the 110,000 download mark in total and is concerned that if a security issue comes up with any of his plugins, it would end up leaving a lot of users out in the cold. There are a few caveats to those interested in becoming contributors as outlined by DD32:

  • You need to run it by me before you make a new Release of the plugin (that’ll be relaxed if you show you know what you’re doing, and I trust your judgement)
  • You need to retain the current naming, licence, and Commit-often strategy to the Plugin’s repo.
  • You need to respect the code and functionalities offered, as well as the users of the plugin, Upgrades to new versions MUST work nicely with users existing data, re-writing the plugin from scratch will not be taken nicely (But refactoring is fine, and there will be exceptions of course)
  • You MUST follow the WordPress coding standards
  • You cant just work on new features and ignore any present bugs, Sorry, but both need your attention.

According to the list of plugins Dion currently maintains, Add From Server is one of the more recent ones with close to 39,000 downloads and worked perfectly for me when I needed to move media items from an FTP folder on a server into the media library of WordPress. Earlier this year, DD32 was granted committ access to the core of WordPress and recently, has not had time to dedicate to either his plugins or the WordPress core. Dion is in the process of changing that by getting back in the groove starting with WordPress 3.1. For those that don’t know, Dion Hulse is primarily responsible for the WordPress installation process.

I’m only following the SVN Commits mailing list, and Trac tickets which I have personally commented on, So if you’ve got a ticket related to Upgrades, Filesystem, HTTP, Taxonomy, or something else I might be interested in, Please leave a comment pointing it out, If its up my alley, I’ll look at it, It’s going to take some time to go through the 2,000 open tickets on Trac.

Will be interesting to hear from him on what he plans on doing with WordPress QI.



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