WordCamp Miami Wapuuno Cards Now Available on GitHub

One of the challenges of organizing a WordCamp is coming up with general swag for the event that will delight attendees, as opposed to filling swag bags with cheap plastic junk. Organizers are also tasked with arranging a gift for speakers. WordCamp Miami, which will be entering its ninth year (more…)

10up Open Sources ElasticPress Plugin for WooCommerce

WooCommerce is currently the most popular way to add a store to WordPress. Its usage is on the rise and seems to be growing in tandem with global WordPress usage. Wappalyzer estimates a 31% marketshare in the e-commerce category and BuiltWith has WooCommerce at roughly 29% among other shopping cart (more…)

WordPress Tops Alignable's Small Business Trust Index

In a SMB trust index survey conducted by Alignable in the fourth quarter of 2015, WordPress ranked as the most trusted of 25 nationally recognized brands used by small business owners. The results were ranked using the (Net Promoter System), a trademarked customer loyalty metric that measures promoters against detractors (more…)

Varying Vagrant Vagrants 1.3.0 Released with Support for MailCatcher and More Virtualization Providers

Over the weekend, Jeremy Felt released Varying Vagrant Vagrants 1.3.0. Although VVV uses VirtualBox as its default virtualization provider, this release adds support for Parallels, VMWare Fusion, VMWare Workstation, and Hyper-V in the default Vagrantfile. Version 1.3.0 also adds MailCatcher to the default provisioning. When working in a development environment, (more…)

GitHub Introduces Issue and Pull Request Templates

Last week GitHub responded to a letter from open source project maintainers with apologies for the lack of communication and lack of attention to feedback regarding issue management. Because contributions are the lifeblood of open source projects, maintainers are requesting additional features for issues and pull requests that would help (more…)

TGM Plugin Activation Team Releases Custom Generator

The development team behind TGM Plugin Activation released its new generator last week. The popular tool is a PHP library that allows WordPress developers to require or recommend plugins for a theme or plugin. It essentially helps walk WordPress users through installation and activation of plugin dependencies in the admin. (more…)