Justin Tadlock

Theme Review Team Restructures Into Project Representatives

The WordPress Theme Review Team (TRT) restructured its administrative duties and laid out its new team organization after yesterday’s semimonthly team meeting. This is not the first time the TRT has restructured to meet the growing demands of the official theme directory over the years. The team is moving toward (more…)

Twenty Twenty Bundled in Core, Beta Features Overview

Twenty Twenty, the upcoming default WordPress theme, was committed to core and shipped with WordPress 5.3 Beta 1 yesterday. Like most core themes, Twenty Twenty is simple in function. It comes packaged with a handful of custom features and options, but it remains true to the mission of being an (more…)

WPHelpful: A User Feedback Plugin

WPHelpful is a plugin created by Zack Gilbert and Paul Jarvis that allows users to rate the helpfulness of a post. It can be a useful addition to sites that offer tutorials, lessons, documentation, or any content where user feedback is warranted. Version 1.0 is available for free in the (more…)

GitHub Adds Dependency Graphs, Security Alerts for PHP Repos

PHP developers everywhere can rejoice as GitHub adds the long-awaited dependency graphs feature for PHP repositories that use Composer. The feature provides security alerts, shows dependency insights, and displays the dependents of a given repository. If enabled, it can also automatically send security fixes to the repository via pull requests. (more…)

Bayleaf: A Food and Recipe Blog Theme

With the WordPress theme directory dominated by business-oriented themes, it’s sometimes tough to find themes that cater to more specific user groups. If you dig deep enough, you’ll find something outside the norm. Bayleaf is a blog theme specifically designed for sharing food and recipes. The theme is designed and (more…)

Yoast to Reward Contributors with the Yoast Care Fund

Yoast, a company primarily known for its popular Yoast SEO plugin, announced a new program earlier this month called Yoast Care. The project aims to reward volunteers in the WordPress community. “Care” stands for “Community Appreciation REwards.” Thousands of people contribute to WordPress. Some choose to contribute code. Others answer (more…)

A stack of newspapers sitting on the left side of a desk.

The kid scampered ahead of his classmates. He wanted to be one of the first to set foot in the building, but he stopped as he got to the first step. He looked up to count the floors. One, two, three…it wasn’t The Times. He was awestruck all the same. (more…)