1. Colin

    Suffusion did that years ago until it was removed from the repository.


  2. James

    Astra theme made it easier for me to build my first website based on blocks: https://www.homeagent.com.br/. Appreciate. And I congratulate you on the number of installations reached.


  3. Bradley Allen

    Astra has nice support for blog posts as well as WooCommerce.


  4. Penerjemah Ridha

    I have made a comparison video between Astra, GeneratePress, OceanWP, and five others free version themes in cheap share hosting share hosting environment, about $10USD per annually. The video in Indonesian language https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPtKmVymkFk

    My expectation, GeneratePress will be the winner. In fact, Astra is the winner as the fastest theme, 1.083 seconds and 1,708 seconds.

    Maybe the people prefer to pick Astra because there is a copyright footer removal option in theme customization. It is very helpful for beginner user without touching the code or additional plugin. Small feature with big impact.

    However, I am GeneratePress user free versions and 100% happy with that. Astra free will also my option for my next project.

    Congratulation for Astra team. And keep going GeneratePress.


  5. Bastian

    Together with OceanWP and GeneratePress, Astra is one of the few freemium themes in the repository that is usable in its free version, something that cannot be said about the majority of “themes” there. No wonder it has the number of installs it has.


  6. Deepak Kumar

    I have been using Astra for over 1 year now, and it’s just an incredible theme. I have tried tons of other ones but I found Astra best of all.


  7. Guido

    Congrats to the Astra theme!
    As for me, I find it increasingly easier to use just Hello Elementor, without the theme getting in the way…
    Does anybody else feel the same way?


  8. Kristina Ponting

    Nice, but I stick to: Genesis framework, I love it:)


  9. Binil P

    Astra in its default form is pretty fast. One of the reason people like me use it.


  10. Joseph McMurry

    I realize you qualified this with “only non-default theme in the official WordPress theme directory” but there do appear to be some paid themes outside of the directory that have at least a million installs, such as Divi and Avada. It seems to me that should be mentioned.

    Also, Storefront is essentially the default WooCommerce theme as the installer promotes it.


    • Justin Tadlock

      Yes, it’s very possible there are paid themes outside of the directory with those numbers. There is no official record or count of those as far as I am aware. I don’t see it as necessary info (when I don’t have hard numbers) for celebrating the first free theme in the directory to hit that milestone. It’s probably worth exploring for another story though.

      Storefront’s number actually surprised me. I assumed it would have a higher count.


  11. Trishan Mehta

    What I like most about Astra is that the free version offers a ton of features for users who do not wish to upgrade to the paid version yet. And coupled with the starter site templates and its awesome speed, I feel that team Brainstorm Force deserves kudos for developing the Astra theme.


  12. Anh Tran

    Congratulations to Astra team! 1 millions active installs is huge and hard to achieve! It’s a big win!


  13. Tintol Academy

    I am a web designer and use Astra Theme for my own website and for those of my clients. Easy to use, easy to edit and compatible with most builders, especially the elementor which is my favourite builder. The starter templates are additional resources that distinguishes Astra Theme from the rest themes. In addition, the installation of Astra Theme comes with required plugins thereby saving you time, cost and energy involved in gathering and buying themes for a website under design.


  14. Rian

    No doubt why Astra could hit the million is a very short time. I have my two blogs designed using Astra and I must say, it is the best WordPress theme ever. If you use it with Elementor, Any kind of blog design you can have.


  15. Jarret

    Hmm, these stats can’t be right.

    If you ask the theme review team, accessibility is important and something end users care about. It is why they’ve made the decision to force theme creators to implement accessibility into current themes in the .org repo.

    Yet, Astra has no mention of accessibility in the theme description on the .org repo, doesn’t have the accessibility tag and there is no mention of accessibility anywhere on the Team Brainstorm blog post. They even included testimonials about the theme from their users and what their users were looking for in a theme yet still no mention of it.

    I guess the majority really aren’t concerned with it at all when you see the actual data!


    • Chris Midelton

      Maybe it is not as a priority as you wish it to be. Keep in mind these stats are global, not a lot people around the world have laws and even worldview that accessibility is a priority or thing at all. These are just facts.


    • Justin Tadlock

      I’m unsure if the Themes Team has claimed that end-users care about accessibility. I’d wager the vast majority of users do not even know what accessibility is. It is not something that should be in the forefront of the average user’s mind. They should simply be able to create their content. It is the tools they use that are primarily responsible for making sure that content is output in a way that is accessible to everyone.

      The team has claimed that accessibility is important. It is important because WordPress is about democratizing publishing for everyone, including those that have a disability or other issue that makes it harder to use the web. It is important because it is simply the right thing to do as a decent and caring human being. We should always strive to be as inclusive as possible with our technology.

      And, if that’s not enough, there are existing laws, such as the ADA in the U.S., in place for making sure that businesses meet accessibility standards. Most small businesses cannot afford a web developer, so they must rely on, quite often, free themes and plugins to have an online presence. The Themes Team is aware of all this and has been slowly implementing accessibility guidelines.

      As for the accessibility of Astra, I have not looked into the theme deep enough to know where it stands. I do know that many themes meet the accessibility requirements of the Themes Team without tagging their theme as such. This is because it triggers an additional review and takes more time to get approval to use the tag. It is a long-standing issue of not having enough reviewers trained to handle those reviews, so many theme authors simply skip it. I’m not sure if that’s the case here, but it should be mentioned for context.

      You are likely correct that the majority are not concerned with accessibility. Awareness is a large issue, and we should be doing better with that. I guarantee this would change if there was a huge global push about the issue outside of web development circles. That means governments, businesses, and grassroots-people-led activism must play a part in creating that awareness.


    • William Patton

      Users often don’t look for accessibility because they take it as a given that it won’t be inaccessible. Astra fits into that category just fine due to the theme meeting AA level as per WCAG recommendations :)


  16. John

    Well I recently bought Astra Pro for my new affiliate site in law of attraction niche, one thing in mind that Astra pro has unlimited themes but later I got to know even I paid 50 USD just for starter templates and I can’t get agency, there is no template which is related to law of attraction niche so I’m just decided to get my money back and try free versions of MTS or generate press themes.
    Any suggestions welcomed.
    My2 cents.


  17. Jorcus

    Have been using Astra Pro for years at my website https://jorcus.com . I’m glad to hear that! Keep it up!


  18. Jagmohan singh

    Oh really
    I think i should give a try to astra too
    Right now i am quite happy but having some troubles with hestia theme.
    I really wanna give try to other themes you have mentioned in the article,
    And of course congrats to astra team


  19. Stratos

    Astra was maybe the best theme a year ago. Among the fast themes if not the fastest one.

    Since kadence theme came out, Astra is not the best free theme any more.
    With features like global colours and header builder, it shows what astra should have done since day one.

    When I start my new project, I consider using Kadence free even though I have the pro version of the Astra.

    Hopefully they will add some of those features soon.


  20. AceleraWP

    Hi Guys,

    The 1,000,000 installs are due mainly to this Mega Popular tutorial about “How to Make a Website in 10 mins” –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWA-xbsJrVg

    Why ? –> Because in this video tutorial they are using the “Astra theme” and the video has more than 9 million views “9,082,881” and increases every minute.

    So, All that Beginners that are following this tutorial are installing and using the Astra theme. So, at least 80% of the 1,000,000 active installs are beginners who come to Astra through this tutorial and not professional users.


    • Justin Tadlock

      Awesome! That sounds like a great way to market the theme. I doubt that’s the bulk of the users, but I imagine it helps. It’d be interesting to see the numbers.


  21. Vansh Malhotra

    I am Using Generatepress and Astra on all my blogs. No doubt both are the best themes I have ever used.


    • AceleraWP

      If you think that Astra and GeneratePress are the Best, then You need to Try the “Suki” theme. After that, you will change your mind. Guaranteed :)


  22. Rahul

    I have tried some themes earlier, but I usually get to a point where the solutions are not in my favor. I switched to Astra and it’s been a year without any issues. It is really a super-simple and fast theme.


  23. mo

    Now Astra theme is removed from WordPress repository due to breaking the rule of affiliate marketing in the theme.


    • Shahbaz

      Yes, Mo I also noticed that while searching for Astra on WordPress theme repository. I have to download Astra from their website to use the theme.


  24. Shahbaz

    Astra is the best theme I had ever used on WordPress with different free templates, blocks. It also supports popular WordPress page builders like elementor.


  25. raygorgor

    Astra theme is one of my top 3 favorite themes which I used it to build for my business website. No.2 is Hello theme & No.3 is Suki Theme.

    What I like Astra theme :

    • Their Support Team response fast ( this is the main reason I concern )
    • Buy 1 time Pro version can use for unlimited websites ( save more money )
    • Simple to use and fast theme ( good for beginner user like me & I’m not a coding guy )
    • Pair with Elementor & Woocomerce ( so far no conflict when I update to the latest version )


  26. Kings Amalaego

    Astra theme have been able to stand out, and with amazing features been churned out more frequently, i can boldly say they will be able to stand the test of time. Seriously if i wasn’t using Generatepress, i’d be using Astra.


  27. Glan Smith

    Congrats Astra Team!

    By the way, both GeneratePress and Astra are the best themes for WordPress.

    I like to use this both on my multiple sites.



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