Are You A WordPress Addict?

We have a great thread going on in the forum which was started by community member Kit. The question is simple. You Know You’re A WordPress Addict When? You’re job is to fill in the blanks. Already, many people have admitted their tendencies on being a WordPress Addict. In fact, some users have replied with multiple statements. Here is just a sampling of what we have so far:

You know you’re a WordPress addict when you visit a website and look at its source to see if it’s WordPress.
You see a problem in daily life and wonder if there is a plugin to solve it.
When you can name 10 active tickets in trac off the top of your head… extra points if you’ve debated them.
Firefox says your most visited sites are, Weblog Tools Collection,, Lorelle on WordPress, WP Tavern, any of the WordPress theme developers, and any twitter accounts for WordPress developers.
You see a cool looking site and look for the tiny smiley face which most WordPress sites have.

Don’t let this thread end here. Jump in and start naming examples of what it takes to be considered an addict to WordPress.



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