Apply to Speak at the JavaScript for WordPress Conference

The third annual JavaScript for WordPress Conference is gearing up for three days of online talks and workshops on July 8-10, 2020. The event is free to attend and organizer Zac Gordon is working to put together a diverse speaker lineup.

Day 1 will be devoted to workshops that help beginners get up and running with JavaScript and React. Day 2 will focus on building Gutenberg blocks and block-based themes. Day 3 will include topics and projects that use WordPress as a Headless CMS.

“Last year we did 4 tracks all at once.” Gordon said. “That was a lot. So this year we’re doing two days, one track each day. We decided on Blocks and Headless as our two tracks, because that seems to be where most of the JavaScript development is happening at the moment in the WordPress space.”

Previous editions of the conference have pulled in approximately 1,000 viewers, similar to the size of a large WordCamp. Gordon said the event is open for all JavaScript-related topics related to WordPress beyond Gutenberg and headless setups and they are trying to encourage new speakers.

“Each year we’re trying to do more to have the conference reflect a range of speakers, and this year we’re hoping that a few of the brilliant and industrious younger folks coding or building with WordPress might speak,” he said.

Registration is free on the event website and applications for speakers will be open until June 1.

“I’m not sure how many speakers we will do exactly, but we will have a few folks leading workshops day one and then maybe 5-8 speakers the two other days,” Gordon said. “It will be fewer speakers than last year, but hopefully still a lot of quality focused talks. The applications we’ve seen come in so far are exciting.”



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