Andrew Rickmann Selling WP-Fun

funwithwplogoI’m bummed to see that Andrew Rickmann who runs the Fun With WordPress blog about WordPress is selling the site. Andrew Rickmann always approached topics involving WordPress with an interesting angle. I say interesting because anytime I visited the site, I ended up thinking about writing a response blog post with a link back to his site. One great example is when Andrew Rickmann put together a post that examined what is community. I still refer back to the image he created which shows the community segmented in groups which I agree with as well as his Question 5 part which asks a number of intriguing questions.

The site has around 950 RSS subscribers, receives 100-200 visitors per day with 80-90% of those visitors being new. No clue as to earning potential as the site was never really monetized.

If you’re interested, check out the forum thread and get in contact with him. Hope you get a successful sale Andrew.



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